Your family wellness starts with you – but have you made time for your own wellbeing lately?

When you spend all your time looking after everyone else, you end up with no time for you. You are not alone. Like most mums, you put others’ needs before your own. The longing for some time for you makes you feel guilty, so you ignore that longing.

With so many demands on your time, you seem to be always rushing. Just thinking about it makes you feel stressed – and exhausted.

But this lifestyle is not sustainable in the long term.

Why you need ‘me’ time

Do you often:

  • Get frustrated and stressed with the little things easily
  • Snap at your kids and lose your patience quickly
  • Feel overwhelmed and out of control
  • Experience a build-up of resentment
  • Feel constantly tired and have low energy and motivation

Most mums occasionally experience some of the above. It’s normal. However, if you often feel stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted and impatient, it can have a negative effect on you and your family in the long term. You need to take care of yourself. You need to be well, so you can look after your family. Your own wellbeing is critical to your family’s wellbeing.

So, how to start?

First, you need to create some ‘me’ time! How? Simply book it! Take your calendar, look at every week and book some time just for yourself. If one hour is too much, even 5-20 minutes can work, but the trick is to stick to it. Don’t use this time to check your emails, unpack the dishwasher or fold the laundry, but instead go for a walk, read a book, have a coffee with a friend, do what you used to love doing before you had kids, or simply just breathe, reflect and clear your head. At first, it may seem a bit stressful to leave things undone, but even a small break will give you more energy and have a positive impact on how you feel.

7 x benefits of ‘me’ time

  1. You will become a better mum – inside and outside
  2. Feel more in control of emotions and less irritable
  3. Feel refreshed and re-energized
  4. Think more clearly and make better decisions
  5. Become more productive
  6. Sleep better and have less fatigue
  7. Lower stress levels

As mums, we tend to think that taking time just for us is selfish and feel guilty and bad about it. But we don’t realise that other people benefit from our ‘me time’ too. Take time every day to replenish, reset and nourish yourself and you will bring greater patience, calmness and a more positive attitude to your family. You will feel more balanced and essentially become a better mum and partner.

Christmas time, in particular, can be stressful and add more chaos to your already busy life. Thus, focusing on your own wellbeing and creating some ‘me time’ is even more important. Make sure you pause and take time just for yourself to keep sanity in the upcoming festive season!

So, are you ready to take charge of your wellbeing?

Start your wellness journey now and become the mum you long to be – fit, motivated and happy.

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Alicja Figiel @ Time For Mum,

Alicja is a mum of two children and a certified Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coach. Alicja supports mums in the most challenging and important job they’ll ever do, being a mum, by helping them make a positive change in their lives.