I Help Mums Get Their Mojo Back!

Hi ladies, Magdalena here. I’m a women’s health and fitness coach, and mama to two beautiful children.

I’m so excited you’re exploring this site, because it means you’re ready to step up and take control of your health and fitness.

First though, you might be wondering about my background and what led me to create a business that supports women to be stronger, healthier and more confident in all areas of their lives.

Well, here goes…

After experiencing prolapse, I learnt (the hard way!) about the importance of being strong from the inside out

When my son was 19 months old, I was diagnosed with prolapse and was told that all the exercises I’d been doing – like heavy lifting, running and jumping – could make my condition worse.

As someone who’s been in the fitness industry since 2000, this was hard to hear! But I also learned that I was far from alone – in fact 50% of women who’ve had children will have some kind of prolapse during their lives, and 1 in 3 will suffer from some form of incontinence.

In addition, abdominal separation is a problem that many mums experience during pregnancy and after childbirth. Just like pelvic floor issues, this requires a focus on strengthening and rebuilding our bodies from the inside out.

These conditions can have a significant effect on our day-to-day lives, as well as our confidence, mood and motivation – so I wanted to do all I could to help other mums avoid ending up with problems like mine.

As a result of my experience, I decided to focus on postnatal fitness so I could empower mums to strengthen their bodies safely and effectively, focusing on the core and pelvic floor to avoid injury and other health issues.

I noticed that the ‘one size fits all’ fitness programs weren’t giving women the results they wanted

Aside from a need to focus on the pelvic floor, I started to realise that the vast majority of online fitness programs on the market were also lacking in another key ingredient…personalisation.

As health and fitness is such an individual journey, this ‘cookie cutter’ approach will never achieve the best results. So, I decided to create programs that were highly customised to each participant.

This tailored approach goes beyond just your fitness and weight loss goals – I actually align your training and nutrition to your body’s natural cycle (menstrual/hormonal) to create a personalised plan that works with  your hormones, energy levels, cravings and more.

It’s this individual focus and personal approach that helps my clients achieve truly incredible results and make lasting changes to their lifestyles.

I’m passionate about supporting mums in this crazy journey of life!

As a mama myself, I understand the challenges and pressures of motherhood. I know that taking time for yourself and your fitness isn’t always easy. But I also know that doing so is crucial – both for you and the little people you’re raising.

My online programs and personal training are designed to meet the specific needs of mums at all stages of their post-childbirth journey – whether you’re a few months postpartum or have been a mum for many years.

Our bodies are amazing, powerful and capable – and by exercising and nourishing them in the right way, we’ll be empowered to live life to the full and enjoy all it has to offer.

I’d love to be your guide (and cheerleader!) as you embark on this journey – so why not reach out to learn more? I can’t wait to hear from you!

Magdalena Hawley: Women’s Health and Fitness Coach

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over twenty years, during which time I’ve worked with clients in Poland, the UK and Australia.Through my online coaching, I can now support women across the world to be stronger, healthier and more confident in their everyday lives.

Qualifications and certifications:

  • Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness – Master Trainer
  • MNU Certified Nutritionist
  • 3rd Age Women (Peri-menopause and beyond)  
  • Female Health & Performance Coach 
  • Advanced Metabolism & Female Hormons 
  • Safe Return to Exercise
  • Modern Postnatal Assessment Core Restore and Functional Exercise Programming
  • Food and Wellness Coach (Accredited Certificate in Nutrition & Level 1 Wellness Coaching)
  • Studio Pilates Matt Certificate
  • FIA Pre and Post Natal Course
  • Barre Attack
  • Motivate to Train Bootcamp Instructor
  • Crankit Suspension Training
  • Les Mills Body Pump
  • Les Mills RPM

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