Many mums use walking with a pram as a way to get moving and to be active post-birth which is great. But how do you push your pram can matter more than you think. Bad technique can cause more aches and pains in your back, wrists and neck/shoulders. A good technique can help you to be pain free, activate the right muscles (glutes and core) and get better results from this activity. So mummies check yourself before you wreck yourself!


Hips far away from the pram, extended arms and rounded shoulders can place a lot of strain on your shoulders, neck and lower back and in that position your glutes are not working very well. You want to keep your hips close to the pram and your elbows close to your body. In this position you can activate your deep abdominals more effectively to support your back and your butt will work much better.


Many mums experience wrist pain after having a baby and pushing the pram incorrectly won’t help. When you push the pram do you see creases in your wrists? Are your hands at an angle? This puts unnecessary strain and pressure on your joints. So keep your wrists straight and keep glancing at your wrists as you walk to keep them crease-free.


Ensure to also keep an eye on your breathing. Don’t hold your breath, as this will increase the intra-abdominal pressure. If your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor are not strong enough to withhold that pressure, it can cause issues like incontinence or prolapse and can affect diastasis healing.