I love my job. I love educating other mums on postnatal fitness and helping them to understand the changes that happened to their bodies and their pelvic floor during pregnancy and labour.  I love helping them to return to exercise in a safe and effective way.  But I can’t check what is going on with their pelvic floor on the inside.  I need someone else to do it for me. I need to refer my clients to a women’s health physio. They are my eyes on the inside; I can’t give my clients proper exercise prescriptions without the help of a physio.


When my clients complain about knees, hips, shoulder pain, etc., I don’t pretend to know for sure what the issue might be as this is out of my scope of practice and I would be doing them a disservice. I refer them to another health professional.


I refer to and collaborate with other health professionals to better serve my clients.


And this is also why I collaborate with other postnatal specialists from the Body Beyond Baby Affiliate Team – “Alone we can do so little; together we can do much!” Together we can impact and help more mums around Australia and New Zealand. “We are on a mission to make a mark in the fitness industry through building stronger mums from the inside out.”


It seems that when you run your own business, everyone in the same industry is your competition. But it’s a matter of mindset.   Seeing everyone as a threat means there is not enough to go around. But if we work together, we can help each other to grow. We can learn from each other’s mistakes and each other’s wins.


I know that I don’t know everything and don’t have all the answers. I constantly seek out information and take courses to get better at what I do. And I need to learn from others to provide better value to my clients. And I believe in sharing what I have learnt so that it might help someone else (another mum or another fitness professional).


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”