Many mums aren’t aware that there are physios who look after pelvic floor. So I’ve decided to have a chat to a women’s health physiotherapist and asked her why mums should go a see women’s health physio post birth and more.

I personally think every mum should see a women’s health physio post birth. Many mums don’t realise that what they feel might not be right and many mums don’t realise that they have abdominal separation. All this can be checked by a women’s health physiotherapist. They can also make sure that you are engaging your core and pelvic floor muscles properly and that you are not bearing down instead. As a personal trainer, I can check your separation but I’m not able to check what is going on, on the inside. I didn’t realise that there was something wrong with me,  till I went to see a physio. The sooner you get diagnosed the easier and quicker (in general) it is going to be to fix the issue. And if you are fine, that’s just a bonus – at least you have peace of mind that everything is okay. 

I hope that this interview with Heba Shaheed, women’s health physiotherapist will convince you to visit a women’s health physio :).